The Hilarious staff
of the
Comedy Waiters

Miss Mikk

Matre D’ Mr Foster

Matre D’ Miss Lambie

Ms. Tomkinson

Mr. Ashford
(Lidl Andy)

Miss Thompson

Mr. Flemming


Miss Hourihan

Mr. McCamley

Mr. Doe

Miss Walls

Or at least some of them.

Café Kølbert’s staff of waiters is hierarchically organized, with a correct and determined superintendent at the helm who knows good manners and how to behave correctly. 


"I just wanted to let you know what a complete hit your waiters were.
The show was fantastic and had the entire audience in stitches.
Their improv was amazing, how they keep a straight face throughout I don't know!"
Debbie Higgs
Close Brewery Rentals Ltd
Each comedy waiter has a unique personality that shines through the tight uniform. The waiters entertain both the guests all together from the stage, and around the tables while serving wine.
You can talk to the individual characters if you want, but if not, you can easily just watch, clap and laugh, without becoming a part of it.

We’re just waiting for your call …

Waiter in empty restaurant

– or if you would write us a letter.