Comedy Waiters UK entertainment

The Comedy Waiters

Hilarious Entertainment for hire

The Funniest waiters in the UK


The most Hilarious Comedy Waiters in the UK

Waiter with laughing women

The Comedy Waiters – their hilarious performance is a sophisticated and funny combination of improvised interaction with the guests and top grade stage comedy.

World Class Comedy

The Funniest Comedy Waiters in the UK

Comedy matre'd at wedding
  • We entertain at all kinds of events
  • The Comedy Waiters cover all kinds of venues


Funny waiters entertaining 900 people

The Comedy Waiters

The Funniest Waiters in the UK

Comedy Waiter at wedding
comedy waiters by the sea in Cannes
  • We enjoy international audiences
  • Great international experience, 380 shows in Europe per year
  • The Comedy Waiters travel world wide to entertain you
  • We perform in English, Skandinavian and German

The Hilarious Comedy Waiters

Christmas party

If the guests are friendly and tip, they usually get a song in return from the comedy waiters, but we are NOT singing waiters.

waiter and happy guests

Even though they are polite and have good manners, the Hilarious Comedy Waiters will joke with the guests and make them laugh.

Get The Comedy Waiters at your own event

laughing dinner guests

Our comedy waiters are on for about one hour, while the guests eat, drink and talk.

guest laughs and claps

The waiters of comedy

It is flexible entertainment that fits any event
and will make your party unforgettable.

Hilarious Entertainment for Hire

The Comedy Waiters

Perform all over the United Kingdom

Waiter making guests laugh

Any kind of event

In short, a show with the Comedy Waiters is the perfect entertainment for receptions, dinners and parties. In your home, in restaurants or at the office.


"A big thank you for making it
an unforgettable evening in Copenhagen ...

You were impressively good
The hosts are smiling all the way back to the United States!"
Mikael Rodkjær

The Comedy Waiters began in Denmark.

They have entertained Kings and Queens. Presidents, sportsstars and farmers  – you name it.

Visit our danish department if your danish needs practice …

In the mid eighties – The Comedy Waiters started to entertaining around in Denmark.
The very first performense took place in a circus tent in a plowed field!

laughing and crying audience

Since then we have performed in castles, palaces and on the street.

Happy guests since 1985

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Our staff is on duty right now by the phone.

Please write or call our office

We will respond as soon as possible.

the backs of servants in a row i comedy show