Comedy staff of waiters

Comedy Waiters

of Café Kolbert

Waiter menu:


“- Fabulous entertainment!
The only drawback:
- stomach cramps from laughing!”
J. Chemnitz
The Red Cross

The Comedy Waiters are encouraging and cheering up a lady that nobody apparently is talking to.
She did get the attention she needed and had a wonderful party.

Waiter at time square NYC

The Comedy Waiters entertain wherever the party is …

a servant at sea

at sea …

Servant clean man's shirt.

in your home …

A waiter sings at dinner party

in the town hall …

Waiter smoking in airoplane

in the air …


” – a better ice breaker for a networking evening would be hard to find!”

Hildegunn Andersen
Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce

Café Kolbert’s comedy waiters are international, and in the photo there are waiters from the UK, Germany and Denmark


"– The event was fantastic.

Mr Foster and his team were absolutely hilarious.

We all loved the song that they did for Steve
– really clever!

Once again … many, many thanks."
Fiona Cameron
Managing Director's PA, COOL MILK

Making the world laugh

servants on the street

We started the Café Kolbert branch in London just before Christmas 2009

waiter serves wine
Waiter on the phone in old office

Our staff is on duty now by the telephone.

Please write or call our office

We will respond as soon as possible.