Christmas Party
with The Comedy Waiters

Staff of Waiters

Hilarious Entertainment for hire

How about a hilarious christmas party this year?

Welcome to the comical world of The Comedy Waiters – an avalanche of entertainment brought directly to you!

You can hire the funniest waiters for your christmas party, and the christmas  guests will never forget them.

Surpricingly funny waiters
All over UK

This exceptional show takes place while the guests party and eat the Christmas food.

It’s a thoroughly tested mix of entertainment at the tables, small staged comic events and a hilarious stage show. 

We happily improvise with the unaware christmas guests while serving drinks around the tables, by simply make fun with the party guests or for example sing a song etc.

But several times during the show we entertain everybody in the room simultaneously all together. 


”They were brilliant, we have amazing feedback from everyone that the waiters was the best part of the day”
Sally Wrigley

The christmas entertainment at your event

Christmas fun 2023

Give your employees or family a different christmas present.
Café Kolberts Comedy Waiters have entertained at lot of Christmas parties.

All sizes

Some of the parties have been large events with many hundreds of guests, and others have been 14 employees in a meeting room.

The minimum number of guests we have entertained is 2!


" - Many thanks to the team for an excellent evening of entertainment.

The two waiters had the room in fits of laughter.

Thoroughly enjoyed it,
in fact I wish we could have kept them for longer."
Karen Barker
Marketing Director, Vileda House

Prepare for Christmas fun

Café Kolberts Comedy Waiters prepare for the christmas event wherever it is – in your house, in the canteen or at the office.

Surprice your guests

Our entertaining show are on for an hour during the party while you eat, but we can also:

– welcome the Christmas party guests when they arrive at the party

– start by pouring and handing out christmas draft beer

– or the most used in Germany and Scandinavia:
serve the schnapps to the herring during the christmas lunch.


" - Thank you!

Our guests had a wonderful time
and could not stop raving about your actors.
Needless to say they all took a card away with them.

They were fantastic pitched at the right level and professional throughout.."
Lisa Malpass
Silver Rill House

Let us serve the christmas drinks and laugther

In the beginning … the guests know nothing

The unaware guests might gets a little suspicius, when the comedy waiters enters the room, but thinks that its a just some unfortunate real waiters.

Politely the waiters start pouring the wine and gently contact the guests.

Gradually it dawns on the guests that the staff has changed and the laughter begins to roll.

The show of Comedy Waiters

The comedy show runs for about an hour during, the christmas cocktails after work, the company christmas lunch – or serving drinks for your guests at a christmas cocktail party.

No matter where the christmas party is held:
in the garden, at the restaurant, on a boat or in a castle.
We will fill the room with laughter.

the audience laughs and claps

Every year our funny servants are used for Christmas evnts, lunches and parties. – and it is with great joy and success.

– we organize the fun comedy waiters‘ entrance in advance with the toastmaster, the local waiters and the kitchen staff.


" - What an enjoyable night
Everybody was delighted with your hilarious show."
Johanna Sanabris
Cancer Research UK

The Comedy Waiters prepare thoroughly for every event we entertain at and strive to give the christmas guests an unforgettable funny evening.


" - We want to thank you yet again for a really fun,
amusing and unforgettable evening.

Anyone who has not seen you
is really missing out on something ..."

Heidi Irmgard

We ask for simple facts and information about some key guests plus some selected guests – to prepare our comedy waiter performance fore your party.

If you fancy german, we can import a complete german staff of christmas ready comedy waiters.


- Superbly innovative and thoroughly engrossing entertainment.
Peter Gilham
Head of Events, Bradford football club

The price of fun servers depends on various parameters:

– how many guests there are

– The number of waiters for the show. It depends of how many guests there are.

– Location – how far do we have to drive

– and how busy we are on the particular day.

We’re just waiting for your call …

servants on the street

– or if you would write us a letter.